About the making of the song

Happy Worker

Saturday 26 April 2014, by Cécile Desbrun

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Toyz’s soundtrack came out in November 1992 and included this song written and produced by Trevor Horn and performed by Tori. When she was asked about the track on BBC Radio Derby’s "Last On" show by AndyPotter in April 2014, Tori said she « enjoyed working with Trevor Horn." "He’s just genius," she added. "I think working with him opened my eyes to all kinds of things and I had the privilege of working with him again on Mona Lisa’s Smile, the Julia Roberts film. And he just has a way of looking at music, and a way of looking at records that is so inspiring. »

But, while she enjoyed working with Horn, it was reported in the official book Tori Collectibles that she was "extremely unhappy with the final mix of this track (...) and refused to allow a planned CD single to be released." The song, indeed, didn’t age very well and is not the best example of early 90’s musical production, to say the least, though it is quite fun.