500 Miles

Monday 6 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

From the album : Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)
Directed by : Christian Lamb
Universal Republic

In this visualette featured on the bonus DVD of Abnormally Attracted to Sin’s collector edition, we can see Tori and the "dolls" Clyde, Santa and Isabel walk around in different parts of the world. In the lyrics, the singer talks about her "love affair" with her husband and sound engineer Mark Hawley while touring, driving on the bus through so many countries.

A few shots (most notably during the chorus) were filmed from the tour bus and there is footage of a crowded venue, seemingly waiting for the show to begin. The director, Christian Lamb, chronicled the American Doll Posse Tour and filmed live and behind-the-scenes footage at many venues. These images gave Tori the idea of many songs featured on Abnormally Attracted to Sin and she later shot a lot of new material with Lamb for the videos of nearly each song.

"500 Miles" is one of the few visualettes, with " Not Dying Today" to show a bit of Tori’s touring life. Fans will recognize Cornwall, where Tori lives, at the end of the video. In several photographs and promotional videos (such as the from the choirgirl hotel EPK), we could see Tori walking around her home studio on a very muddy path. In the video , we can see the sexy Santa (who holds Aphrodite’s archetype) walking down the still very muddy path in high heels… which makes sense as the song talks about the tender and sensual passion the two lovers/co-workers feel for each other. And Tori was the first to admit jokingly in interviews her husband wanted to have a date with each one of the dolls from her posse while recording the album in 2007.


Another detail in the video might give a clue to fans about the pupeteer reference in the song "Not Dying Today" : Tori is shown dancing and playing with a puppet held by a pupeteer in a deserted arena. Is it something that happened on the tour while visiting a city or that she made up to fit with the song while shooting with Lamb ?