1000 Oceans

Sunday 25 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by Erick Ifergan
From the album: To Venus and Back (1999)
Atlantic Records

Article coming soon. In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the video.

"This video was filmed in L.A. as a response to the riots. I was trying to hold a space in this video, a space of calm. In my mind I’m not a pariah. In my mind I’m not caged. But it has been deemed that I should be kept away from people, whoever I am. Erick, the director, and I discussed about what kind of space I was holding. And it sounds kind of funny, but I began to see that the earth, in a way, as a creature, is very separate from our life. If we live in cities, she’s almost like a ghost. You don’t really hear her. You walk through the streets and you don’t think about her as an organism, or an entity, or a Great Mother that loves you and looks after you. But sometimes we can see her, the crazies, the brokenhearteds, the artists. There is something to be said for the great... performers from other countries that express their emotions through dance.

The riot scene was incredibly heartbreaking, because people really took their roles on under their skin. And I think people were really able to play out how they felt. Everybody was local, so they all lived through the riots. And there was a lot of tension on the set, because you know, through art, you can play out what you’ve tucked behind your heart to survive something like the riots. The division that comes between lovers, friends. I liked the sexuality of certain characters, because if you think about the judgment that some women have against other women, there is no compassion in some of those actions. And yet, with other women, there’s a true understanding of being made separate. And this woman touched me in a deep way, the woman that you see in the end with the children." (Fade to Red, "1000 Oceans" audio commentary by Tori)