“I’m hanging in there - 50 (shows) down, 120 to go. I think I’m Metallica, but don’t tell anybody. I’m a one-woman Metallica. Acoustic, at that.” (Boston Globe, June 10, 1994)

The Under the Pink world tour began on February 24, 1994 in England and concluded on December 13 in Australia and represented 177 shows. Tori toured with a Bösendorfer Grand Piano and a prepared upright piano she played exclusively for “Bells for Her.” She usually sang 21 or 22 songs per show during the tour, although some shows were shorter. Like for the Little Earthquakes tour, she regularly sang covers, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “A Case of You” being the most popular.

The Nirvana’s song took a new dimension with Kurt Cobain’s suicide on April 5th. Tori played in a church in Dublin the night after his death, and she played Don McLean’s “American Pie” as an intro to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” that the audience sang with her. “I did a tribute to Kurt Cobain with ‘Teen Spirit’ and ‘American Pie’ this night in Dublin because ‘American Pie’ is what I heard over and over in my head the night he killed himself,” she told Free Music Monthly in August 1994. “I played it to 2,500 kids: it started like a whisper, and then in perfect pitch, in perfect rhythm, very softly, they all sang ‘American Pie’ with me. None of us in the crew had ever experienced anything like it.”

She still performed solo and couldn’t imagine herself touring with musicians at the time but she used backing tracks featuring other instruments and backing vocals for “God” and “Cornflake Girl.” Questioned about why she made that choice, she answered: “You know how some songs can have a party on their own, with a little book and a bottle of champagne? Well, these two girls have to have loads of people there. ”

With more than a dozen of new songs to her repertoire, she was able to change her set-list everynight to give a different perspective. “And I also had a talk with Polly Harvey. To be honest, Polly said, ‘Tori, you’ve got to lighten up.’ Polly is telling me this! Funny that, huh? She said: ‘You’ve got to get a sense of humor about (touring) and stop taking this so personally.’And you know what? She was right. ”

With 177 shows in less than eight months, this tour was particularly exhausting for Tori, who even left the Madison concert on October 4 in an ambulance after feeling severe chest pains and having restricted breathing. The condition was called Costocondritis, but although doctors advised Tori to cancel the thirty shows she still had to do, she decided to go on with her schedule and took anti-inflamatory medication for several weeks.

This tour was also emotionnally hard on her as her and longtime partner Eric Rosse broke up in the middle of the tour. But soon enough, Tori felt in love with her new sound engineer, Mark Hawley, who had joined her crew for the tour with his collegue Marcel van Limbeek, and the two of them were together by the end of the tour.