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Tori’s Maze is finally online!

Sunday 2 October 2011

Wow! It’s been a long ride, but the site is at long last online! :) Like indicated at the bottom of the page, it’s a beta version and there are quite a lot of things that are incomplete or missing. The Toriland has only 4 out of 30 sceneries available for the moment and I didn’t add all of the links yet. It should take us several months to have all of the locations ready and the navigation system correctly tuned. The Sights & Sounds section should launch later this month... But overall, you’ll see that there are already plenty of things to go through and I’ll constantly add new content and fill in the blanks.

What else can I say? Jérémy and I are both really happy to finally share Tori’s Maze with you, we appreciated your feedback on the previews we’ve made and we really hope that you’ll enjoy the site as much as we’ve enjoyed doing it. Don’t hesitate to leave us comments on Facebook or Twitter, to contact us if you have any question or if there’s any problem with the site.

And of course enjoy the Night of Hunters Tour! We’ll probably see some of you in Paris...

See you soon! :)