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Back from Paris

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Hey everybody!

We came back from Paris last week. On October 5, we attended to Tori’s show at Le Grand Rex in the French capital and it was really magical. I was really excited because I had heard the first bootlegs and the arrangements with the Apollon Musagète Quartet seemed amazing — and they really were! There was no meet and greet because the first week of the tour had been really hard on Tori and she was really tired. She was interviewed at the radio on France Inter in the morning, and people who saw her there were worried to learn she felt asleep in the dressing room because she hadn’t slept in two days. Plus, someone had to hold her firmly by the shoulders as she walked down the stairs and her voice seemed a little bit strained, so we were all a bit worried for her health and for the show.

But as soon as she arrived on stage, it was clear she was definitely in good spirits and happy to be there. She apparently took the time to rest a bit and she showed no sign of tiredness and her voice was overall really great. The setlist wasn’t as original as on the previous shows and some people were a bit disappointed, but she gave a really strong performance onstage and sent the audience a fair amount of chills with breathtaking renditions of the Night of Hunters tracks ("Fearlessness" and "Star Whisperer" in particular were incredible, "Nautical Twilight"was more emotional than previously) and of her repertoire ("Cruel" and "Suede": wow! I heard the bootlegs but to be there made it so much more powerful). The Joni Mitchell cover "River" was a really good surprise and she sang it with such emotion that you couldn’t help but being moved and hung to her every word.

The seasonal theme she chose for the setlist was a bit odd considering October 5th was a hot day — the weather changed radically two days after that — but well... I personally didn’t mind, though it would have been better if she sang the Midwinter Graces tracks "Jeanette, Isabella" and "Holly, Ivy and Rose" earlier in the show rather than on the second encore. Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed at all and enjoyed great seats with Jérémy. We were also really glad to spend all day with Toriphiles (members of the French forum Snowcherries from France in particular: we gather on each tour and it’s always incredible to spend time with these guys!), meet up with old friends, meet new people... And thanks for all the encouragements and praises about the site! :)

After an intense and exhausting work to launch the site, this week in Paris was more than welcome and now we’re getting back to a "normal" but pretty tied up schedule. Jérémy is finishing the editing of two documentaries and I’m trying to sell articles to publications and I’m also searching a regular fulltime job in journalism and translation. So no major updates this month: I’ve been filling in blanks, adding pictures to the gallery, adding setlists in the Night of Hunters Tour section and performance stats in the pages of some songs. As I’m reading The White Goddess by Robert Graves (the book that inspired Tori for "Battle of Trees"and actually many songs of NOH), you can expect to find the songs analysis for the album tracks as well as at least one article about Tori and Celtic mythology on the site sometime in November.

I’m also slowly building up the Sights & Sounds section. It won’t be up until November either, but I hope it’s worth the wait. And another scenery will be added to the Toriland in November as well... we can’t do it earlier but we already know what it’s going to be and what it will look like, and it should be pretty neat. I also have to write full contents for this one (and add other articles and links to the four sceneries that are already online) and I’m quite thrilled because it’s a really thematic location involving mythology and exciting stuff in Tori’s work. Because of all the work involved in doing just one scenery, I guess the whole map (30 locations) should be complete... in at least 6 months, or maybe a year, because it’s so huge. We’ll see what happens, but anyway, you’ll find new contents and articles each month and the site is really a long-term project, so...

Anyway, we’re doing our best to maintain the site and we’re really glad of all the positive feedback we had so far. Tori Amos’ fans are really supportive folks, thanks to everyone for all your kind words!